Some Interview Doozies and Don’t-zies.

I figure there are eight basic rules you should follow if you want to nail an interview. They go something like this: Rule #1: Arrive Early Arriving on time for an interview is simply not good enough. This is your moment to shine—to be at your absolute best. If the interview is set for 12 [...]

Resume Rap – Accomplishments vs. Skills

An ad sales rep reached out to me last night for help with her resume. She approached me with a request to “modernize” her exisiting resume and add additional information about her most current position. I asked her what she meant by “modernize” and got this in response: My old resume is very action oriented [...]

The Recruiter Interview and What it Means

  On January 22nd, Jessica Dickler published a story on, entitled “Headhunters Get the Ax.”   As a headhunter, the guillotine has not yet fallen on my head, but  you can bet that I’m not too busy when it comes to my recruiting efforts.  So, I’ve decided to blog on this crazy media business and the job [...]


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