Cover Letters for Jobs Not Advertised

The job boards are slow as the employment market continues to tighten. Does that mean you should sit back and wait for a job of your liking to magically appear on iMedia, The Ladders or any of your other preferred job sites? Me thinks not! Create a wish list of companies you want to work [...]

Prepping for the Phone Interview — Part 2

Yesterday, TheLadders picked up my posting on how to behave on a phone interview. (Thanks you Ladders!) The News Editor brought up an interesting question to me that I thought was worthy of sharing. In my posting, I talk about the importance of answering every single phone call as if it’s potentially coming in from [...]

Prepping for the Phone Interview

Interviewing usually starts with a phone call. Once your resume is circulated, every time you answer the phone, you need to be upbeat, friendly and enthusiastic. You never know if a recruiter or hiring manager is going to be on the other line. Get organized As a recruiter, there are times that I call a [...]

Answering Interview Questions: The Open-Ended vs. Close-Ended Kinds

There are two types of questions asked on an interview: open-ended and close-ended. The key to answering both is to make sure you answer fully, positively and that you always leave room for options. An open-ended question starts with who, what, where, when, why, or how. “How did you positively effect change in your department?” [...]

#1 Way NOT TO Start a Cover Letter

This is going to be short and not so sweet. Please don’t start your cover letters like this: Dear Hiring Manager: My name is Jo Wanna Get a Job (imagine your real name inserted here). Really? As the reader, I can pretty much figure that part out myself. Could you start by telling me something [...]

Cover Letter Cues

Above The Law published a hilarious cover letter yesterday that you should check out if you want a good laugh. The guy who wrote it clearly had enough with rejection and decided to let loose a bit. The problem is he’s a lawyer, he sent it to a law firm, and well, law firms aren’t [...]

A Reference on References

Should you put references on your resume?  No.  I think it’s premature in the process.  Wait until you’re in final rounds and then offer your references up in a separately typed sheet.  You should carry your references with you, ready to hand over at the asking, just like you should always have a hard-copy of [...]

25 Interview Questions to Be Prepared For

Below are sample interview questions that you might want  to prepare for …just in case.  Some of the questions are straight-forward, challenging you to accurately tell the interviewer who you are and what you do.   Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised the number of times I’ve met with candidates who can’t put two sentences [...]

How Easy Is It To Switch Industries? is running a story today on the dismal job market, reaffirming that unemployment is at a 25-year low.  What’s interesting about their coverage, however, is that they suggest job seekers break out of their shells and apply for jobs in other industries.  Apparently, the markets that are relatively strong are healthcare, energy, agriculture, education [...]

Q & A With SEAN RYAN — Digital Media Veteran and Founder of CATAPULT

Welcome to the first of many Q&A’s with people in the media business who, well, are willing to talk to me.   I first met Sean a few years ago when he was the East Coast Sales Director for  Since then, he’s ditched the corporate world, delved into a start-up and, now, has launched his [...]


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