I spent the past few days interviewing some of the top recruiters in media and entertainment, discussing the things they don’t like to see in resumes.  The results of these conversations are going to be posted in a four-part series on MediaBistro, starting today.   I actually held my tongue regarding my own views, figuring [...]

An iPhone App for Resumes? Me Thinks Not.

A friend sent me a post last week with one question:  ”Can your iPhone rescue you from unemployment?”  Included was a  link to the apps store on itunes where one can read about Vurgood Apps’ release of Resume Pro for $1.99. Here’s how Vurgood describes the program: …a simple way to quickly build, preview and send [...]

How to Get the Most out Of Salary Negotiations — Part 2

Mediabistro picked up my first post on salary negotiations the other day.  Although they seemed to support my approach to this conundrum, they didn’t think it was realistic that one could make it through three interviews before the salary question rears its ugly head.  They believe that this question is one of the first thrown [...]

How to Get the Upper Hand in Salary Negotiations

You’re on your 3rd round of interviews.  All is going smoothly and you and the hiring manager are hitting it off.  There’s one topic, though, that has not been broached.   Salary.  You think to yourself: “What if the number I throw out is too high and I talk myself out of a job?  Or, [...]

Are Job Boards Really Effective?

A resume client asked me yesterday what my thoughts were on the effectiveness of  using job boards to secure a new position. This is not really something that the job boards themselves are eager to advertise.  First off, if the results are negative, there goes their business model.  And, even if they could report successes, [...]

Know Who You Are

I just read a great post at imediconnection that I want to share with you.  The writer, Adam Kleinberg, gives some “let’s talk turkey-like advice.   In these tough times, many unemployed people are feeling desperate and don’t want to leave any opportunity on the table. So they try to be everything. And wind up being [...]


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