Discrimination in The Workplace – Part 2

Newsweek dedicated last week’s entire issue to the forgotten souls fighting a crazy, endless war in Iraq — our soldiers.  In one article, the Executive Director and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Paul Rieckhoff, discusses how veterans are perceived and treated in the work environment.  He states, “I worry every day that [...]

CareerJet: A One-Stop Job Board?

CareerJet’s marketing guru sent me a note last month, inviting me to review their site and services.  My initial reaction was, “what if I think their services suck and write a bad review?  Wouldn’t it be less risky for them to just advertise?”   My second thought was, “they must be pretty darn confident about what [...]


I want to talk about Alfred Powers today. He’s important, even though you don’t know boo about him. Alfred sent me this note last week in response to a post I wrote about “what recruiters DON’T like to see in a resume:” I’m old, probably too old to get another agency assignment, but I still [...]

A Video Is Worth a Thousand Words

A client sent this to me and it made me stop and think.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk — Or OJ

The NY Daily News posted a feature story today on Jay Horwitz, the PR guy for the Mets.  In looking back over his career with the team, Horwitz relates how he spilled an entire pitcher of orange juice on the team’s General Manager’s white tennis shorts at the time of the job interview.  D’oh!   How [...]


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