Media Mavens On The Move – Production/Creative (Week of July 27)

Keith Hensel has moved from Owner and Principal at Design Hensels to Principal, Design Director at Gabardine.

Scott Davis moved from Art Director, book projects at People to Design Director at AARP The Magazine.

Peter Leeds moved from Global Head of Creative Services at Thomson Reuters to Principal/Creative director at Gabardine.

Valerie Schaer moved from EVP at Worldwide Pants to Executive VP, Creative Development at Harpo Productions.

Steven Selikoff moved from Literary Agent at William Morris to VP, Development at RHI Entertainment.

Felipe Bachian moved from Art Director at Pulso Technology to Creative Director/Partner at Ginga.

Anne Mullen moved from VP at Nickelodeon to SVP at Nickelodeon.

Ronan Doyle moved from Associate Creative Director at ISM Boston to Partner/Creative Director at Gray & Partners.

Wendy Trem moved from Associate Creative Director at Peeps Creative to Managing Creative Director at Peeps Creative.

Mark Begin moved from Art Director at Learning Evolution to Creative Director at Digital Operative.

Kevin Mohs joined as VP Production at Discovery Channel.

Wayne Sampson joined as Director of Development and Production at Discovery Channel.

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