This Chick Who Writes About “How to Get a Job” Just Landed One Herself

It’s true.  As of January 9, 2012, I will be working full time for TalentFoot – a full-sevice national recruiting firm specializing in digital media and advertising.  I’m psyched and I wanted to share it with you.

You’ve heard me say before that the best way to get hired is to make and foster relationships, then network, network, network. I met Camille Fetter – Founder and Managing Partner of TalentFoot –  almost 2 years ago when we were introduced by a mutual connection in the digital media industry.  Since that time, she has turned to me for some contract work and we have bounced lots of ideas off one-another.  I like her – alot.

Unbeknownst to me, Camille had some ideas of her own in terms of working together on an every day basis! And, now, after many conversations, discussing her needs – as well as mine – we have come to a terrific agreement that’s a win-win for both parties.

I got a job because I put myself out there, talked to a ton of people, who then recommended me to others and eventually connected me with someone who I respect and admire.  I hope now that 2012 is upon us, all of you will do the same. Put yourself out there. Talk to people.  Make relationships.  Build upon them.  Doors will open – I promise you!

I still plan to “talk turkey” with all of you and hope you will all choose to tune in when I do.  Until then…Carpe Diem.

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