Top Five Tips for Writing Killer Cover Letters

A cover letter might seem old-fashioned, but as I’ve said before, in some ways old-fashioned is good. As a recruiter, I often received hundreds of resumes in my e-mail box in response to an online posting.  I was more responsive to those who took the time to write a thoughtful cover letter than to those [...]

Cover Letters for Jobs Not Advertised

The job boards are slow as the employment market continues to tighten. Does that mean you should sit back and wait for a job of your liking to magically appear on iMedia, The Ladders or any of your other preferred job sites? Me thinks not! Create a wish list of companies you want to work [...]

#1 Way NOT TO Start a Cover Letter

This is going to be short and not so sweet. Please don’t start your cover letters like this: Dear Hiring Manager: My name is Jo Wanna Get a Job (imagine your real name inserted here). Really? As the reader, I can pretty much figure that part out myself. Could you start by telling me something [...]

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