Top 10 Nuggets of Advice for Having Success with a Recruiter

Last week I blogged about some things that hiring managers do that, well, piss you off when you are on the job hunt. I got a ton of emails with people blowing off steam about how incredibly shitty the job search process can be. Today, I’m going to provide some critical advice to you – [...]

Note to Hiring Managers — Tell Candidates They Aren’t Getting the Job Before Referring Them to Others (Doh!)

Awkard.  That’s the only way to describe this scenario. I’m currently looking for a sales rep in Boston for a digital media client.  I sent out a bunch of emails and left a ton of messages for potential candidates for this particular job.  Yesterday, a really great guy called me back and, although he was [...]

Don’t Take a Job Because You Like Your Future Boss

After a year and a half hiatus, I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing lately.  As of about five/six months ago, the activity in the job market for digital sales people has increased quite a bit.  I’ve seen alot of folks who have been with companies for years take the plunge and try something different. [...]

Fudging the Truth

CNN posted a piece today on whether or not you should lie in an interview. I’m sure you can guess that the answer is a resounding “NO!” But, the article is helpful in pointing out how you can “fudge” things a bit without exactly telling a big fat one. One of the points brought up [...]

Top 3 Interviewing Mistakes

#1:  Get Rid of the “We”– Focus on the “Me” I know,  I know.  You don’t want to come off as being full of yourself.  But, I can’t tell you how many times I find myself interrupting a candidate, asking her to reconsider my question focusing on what she PERSONALLY did in regards to my [...]

Doh! The Things People Say On An Interview

43 Things Actually Said in Job Interviews  Originally posted and written by Rachel Zupek, writer I thought these were so outrageous  – and funny — that I’d share them with you.  Why not start the long weekend with a little humor? Why did you leave your last job? 1. “I have a problem [...]

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk — Or OJ

The NY Daily News posted a feature story today on Jay Horwitz, the PR guy for the Mets.  In looking back over his career with the team, Horwitz relates how he spilled an entire pitcher of orange juice on the team’s General Manager’s white tennis shorts at the time of the job interview.  D’oh!   How [...]

How to Get the Most out Of Salary Negotiations — Part 2

Mediabistro picked up my first post on salary negotiations the other day.  Although they seemed to support my approach to this conundrum, they didn’t think it was realistic that one could make it through three interviews before the salary question rears its ugly head.  They believe that this question is one of the first thrown [...]

Prepping for the Phone Interview — Part 2

Yesterday, TheLadders picked up my posting on how to behave on a phone interview. (Thanks you Ladders!) The News Editor brought up an interesting question to me that I thought was worthy of sharing. In my posting, I talk about the importance of answering every single phone call as if it’s potentially coming in from [...]

Prepping for the Phone Interview

Interviewing usually starts with a phone call. Once your resume is circulated, every time you answer the phone, you need to be upbeat, friendly and enthusiastic. You never know if a recruiter or hiring manager is going to be on the other line. Get organized As a recruiter, there are times that I call a [...]


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