Cool Tools to Help You Manage Your LinkedIn Contacts

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve recently gotten back into the recruiting game.  Last week I interviewed Derek Reese, a former sales guy with LinkedIn.  He started talking to me about the many different tools available out there to help LinkedIn users keep up-to-date with what their contacts are doing – like who [...]

What Key Words are Key In Your Online Resume?

I’m always astounded at how bad people’s social media profiles look on LinkedIn. The reason that the site has a gazillion users is that everyone in business recognizes the value of it as a professional networking tool.  So, how come so many people do so little to make themselves look good on the site? Yesterday, [...]

Do You Really Need To Use Twitter for Your Job Search?

I admit that I’m not much into the tweeting thing.  I get that it’s important, mostly because everyone says it is, and when it comes to social media and technology, I’m a lamb, here me “bahhhh.”   But, to my chagrin, I don’t use the tool to its full effectiveness.  How about you?  As a [...]

VisualCV is Pitching BlueStep and I’m Not Buyin’ It.

A few months ago, I created a bogus career profile and signed up for VisualCV in order to review their services for you. Since then, every now and again, I get a variety of emails from them in which they basically encourage me to keep their services top-of-mind.   Yesterday, however,  I received a full-on [...]

CareerJet: A One-Stop Job Board?

CareerJet’s marketing guru sent me a note last month, inviting me to review their site and services.  My initial reaction was, “what if I think their services suck and write a bad review?  Wouldn’t it be less risky for them to just advertise?”   My second thought was, “they must be pretty darn confident about what [...]


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