The New Faces of Recruiting in the Digital Age? Q&A With Jeff, Scott and Adam @Jobdot

Last week I sat down with the three founders of Jobdot — a boutique digital-media recruiting firm based in New York.  Jeff Kuntz, Scott Berkson and Adam Glantz are serial entrepreneurs in one form or another.  Between the three, they have launched and built multiple digital businesses, including a top-five ranked ad network.  I wanted [...]

Mike Owen Q&A – Preaching the Gospel of Mobile

Q. You left Men’s Health to go into Mobile. Why’d you make the switch now?  Have you had any mobile experience? A. I launched Teen People mobile back in 2001, well before Mobile’s prime.  I almost did the mobile thing about a year ago but the market still wasn’t ripe. The launch of the iPhone [...]

Q & A With SEAN RYAN — Digital Media Veteran and Founder of CATAPULT

Welcome to the first of many Q&A’s with people in the media business who, well, are willing to talk to me.   I first met Sean a few years ago when he was the East Coast Sales Director for  Since then, he’s ditched the corporate world, delved into a start-up and, now, has launched his [...]


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