Top 10 Nuggets of Advice for Having Success with a Recruiter

Last week I blogged about some things that hiring managers do that, well, piss you off when you are on the job hunt. I got a ton of emails with people blowing off steam about how incredibly shitty the job search process can be. Today, I’m going to provide some critical advice to you – [...]

One Less Job Board to Worry About

Yesterday, Monster Worldwide announced that it was acquiring Hot Jobs, a Yahoo! company. Here’s an excerpt from Monster’s PR gurus:       HotJobs with its significant customer base plus the traffic agreement are an ideal complement to Monster’s innovative recruitment solutions and global reach,” said Sal Iannuzzi, chairman, chief executive officer and president of [...]

The New Faces of Recruiting in the Digital Age? Q&A With Jeff, Scott and Adam @Jobdot

Last week I sat down with the three founders of Jobdot — a boutique digital-media recruiting firm based in New York.  Jeff Kuntz, Scott Berkson and Adam Glantz are serial entrepreneurs in one form or another.  Between the three, they have launched and built multiple digital businesses, including a top-five ranked ad network.  I wanted [...]

How Easy Is It To Switch Industries? is running a story today on the dismal job market, reaffirming that unemployment is at a 25-year low.  What’s interesting about their coverage, however, is that they suggest job seekers break out of their shells and apply for jobs in other industries.  Apparently, the markets that are relatively strong are healthcare, energy, agriculture, education [...]

The Recruiter Interview and What it Means

  On January 22nd, Jessica Dickler published a story on, entitled “Headhunters Get the Ax.”   As a headhunter, the guillotine has not yet fallen on my head, but  you can bet that I’m not too busy when it comes to my recruiting efforts.  So, I’ve decided to blog on this crazy media business and the job [...]


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